Stone mosaic tiles

Look for your architectural elements early when you design your new home or outdoor living space. Because well planned elements can look like an integral feature when you plan ahead of time.

There are all sorts of new decorating methods, textural elements, and materials are all the mode right now. If you are looking for something very different and unique to finish you home either inside or out this product is the one.

New methods have been applied to old school style to produce a different and unique way of making your home stand out among the rest. The company at manufactures and produce a stone mosaic floor that will remind you of the Island of Crete and a bygone civilization.

They can manufacture designs much like the ones of old as well. Or you can order designs that will create a similar floor with the various patterns they have available.

They are manufactured in economically depressed countries that bring employment where before there was none. The colors are all natural and the stones are ‘pinned’ to a flexible cover that can be peeled off, just like some modern tiles are fixed.

But instead of the common, run of the mill sorts of tiles, you get something beautiful and creative. The colors vary from light to dark and are aesthetically pleasing. So, there are lots of choices to choose from and the company does consultations with your architect, contractor, or decorator.

The method of application is easy because the tiles come on mats that have a sawtooth groove and fit one to another much as a simple puzzle. Just be sure the floor or wall is completely clean, and use the standard epoxies and glues available at any stone tile floor dealer.

Be sure if you apply them on a wall that you use an extra strong glue or epoxy. So, if you look for quality and style choose this company for the creativity and uniqueness that is theirs .

When you think quality, value and service, think They have consultants waiting for you to contact them and of course they are available via the internet night or day. Best of all, they can ship just about anywhere in the world.