We at Mosaic Miro pay particular attention to sustainability. We are constantly looking for improvements in production and quality.

We make use of local raw materials. We investigate the effects on water, waste and environment and pay great attention to the reuse and recycling of waste and residual materials.

In order to minimise the impact on the environment, raw material extraction takes place only at designated locations and exclusively with the necessary permits and in an ergonomically responsible manner. The materials are stored with a control and management system and then transported. By working methodically and efficiently, this is not only responsible towards the environment, but also good for the quality / price ratio.

Our products are manufactured under healthy conditions and ergonomically. We do not employ child labour, and workers ages range from 18-60 years old. About half of the workforce is made up of women. An internal training programme is set up to educate local workers.

Business ethics and social responsibility are high on the agenda. This creates a very comfortable environment for all employees, resulting in low absenteeism and low employee turnover. Workspaces are optimally ventilated and dry, and heavy work is supported with appropriate tools.

We pay special attention to the health and welfare of the staff. They wear the best personal protective equipment and are given optimal work positions. We also support the staff with health and recreation programs.
We believe in getting the best out of people in return for giving them the ideal working conditions in which to produce quality goods made with love and care.