Mosaic kitchen tiles

Mosaic Miro is a leading company in the mosaic field and provides services for residents all over the world from Europe to China to America to Italy. The special mosaic that we provide for floors and walls can bring a special new touch or style change of your own to your kitchen. You will find that here at Mosaic Miro our mosaic tiles are crafted manually showing that the attention of detail to our work is done efficiently and effectively. Our mosaic tiles are also durable and waterproof, and come in a number of varies colors from light to dark.

Mosaics Kitchen Tile Design Types

We have developed an easy application process called the unique interlock system in which it makes things easier when placing prefabricated mosaic tiles. There are six styles of our mosaic tile product and they are Mosaics 9 Row, Mosaics 9 Blok, Mosaics 9 Vis, Mosaics 21, Mosaics 27, Mosaics 27/9. The Mosaic 9 designs are thin rectangular like tiles this design comes in three styles. The Row styles are horizontally designed in a row. The Blok style, on the other hand is sectioned into four to make a box like design that comes horizontal and vertical. The Vis styles are shaped in a V-shape design, slightly slanted. The Mosaics 21 design are square like tiles while Mosaics 27 designs are like square, rectangle tile shape, they look like a thicker version of the Mosaics 9 design. We also provide a blend of both Mosaics 27 and the Mosaics 9 that we call Mosaics 27/9 that is a perfect blend for many customers.

Color Types For Mosaics Kitchen Tiles

These tile options also come in five solid shades of colors Biancone which is a light tan like color, Perlagrey which is a medium, dark tan like color, Silvagrey is a darkest grey like color, Monterosa is a light to medium brown like color, Basalto is similar to a darkest grey or black like color. We even provide a blend of two of these colors that make up a new color option like Biancone Perlagrey, Biancone Silvagrey, Biancone Monterosa, Silvagrey Biancone, Silvagrey Perlagrey and Perlagrey Silvagrey, but these colors vary according to the style type.