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We endeavour to expand our range by introducing a steady product development ethic, an on-going aspect in our business process.
Constant research is done into not only new sources, new materials and new colours, but also new forms; after all, innovative new series lead to the expansion of our product range. Our goal is to add a substantial number of products to our series each year, all within the same framework as our mosaic products.
To protect the new product developments, we have a protected page on this website with the latest products.
If you would like to follow the development process and wish to be kept informed about the latest news, please feel free to use the form below to subscribe. You will be issued an access code to see all new product developments.
Table of contents: – PSI – New products in development – New colours – Colour overviews – CE Certificates – Credit facilities
Available for download: – Price listings – Specifications – Catalogues – Product and project photo-impressions