Marble mosaic tiles

Splendid mosaics have been adorning homes and churches worldwide for thousands of years. These beautiful intricate works of art are the result of piecing together small pieces cut to form a landscape or pictorial.

Glass marble mosaic Tile is a fantastic option for decorating ones home. Glass mosaic can be used to add splendor to home floors, backsplash areas, showers or serve as a center point on a wall or in an entryway floor, in a pool or spa area. These tiles can be used indoors or out to create grandiose and unique displays.

Marble Mosaic tile can form any pictures from flowers to sunsets to religious themes. Tile can form into color patterns, or be formed into scenes. Shapes can be square or octagonal. Any colors imaginable can be included. One can use all of one hue or rainbow colors. Southwestern mosaics of the mountains, desert and desert life can be brought to life using the same basic technique one uses with ordinary tile. Tiles come as mesh backed units. They can come in a case of ten to twelve tiles. You need to know how much square footage you may need. When finding a worker to install the flooring, they usually charge by square foot as well. Tile comes in many sizes and is usually priced by the square foot. Tile can be purchased as: 1×1, 1×2,2×2,4×12, 12×12 etc. Most glass tile is mesh backed.

Installation is simple. Remove carpet or existing floor covering. Clean the floor surface where the tile is going to be laid. Clean the tile sheets. Apply stone sealer and allow time to dry. You can use a fan to facilitate air flow. Allow four hours to dry. Tile may need to be cut to fit the space. Apply thinset and lay the tile. Ultimately grout with a non sanded grout. Pick a grout that goes well with the mosaic tile. Cleaning is simple use a Swifer like creation to spray a cleaning agent and mop the tile. They look flawless and shiny upon treatment.

Mosaic tile will beautify your home and all who enter will enjoy this sturdy, beautiful, unique tile.