Mosaic Tile Company

If you are really looking to impress your guests or simply looking to upgrade your surroundings in an elegant attire, why not stop by Mosaic Miro? Mosaic Miro is best known for its unique and specialty natural stone floor and wall finishes. They can add the eye popping touch to your home with anything from indoor to outdoor finishes.

Mosaic Miro can help you in designing just abut any part of your home, commercial building, hotel, leisure complex, office or nursing that you would like. You can get started in a numerous amount of areas such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, living areas, halls, bedrooms and for your outdoor areas as well.

Mosaic Miro also is constantly trying to improve their products as much as they possibly can. Testing the sustainability of the tiles with water and waste allows the company to ensure you the best quality and longest lasting tiles. Every piece of material is stored with a control and management system and then transported. It not only is good for the price but also the environment.

At Mosaic Miro you are the artist.

Mosaic Miro allows you to choose a any particular pattern in which the mats are glued manually. This way you can create any design you like. Not only that, the tiles itself are very special and unique. Each and every tile is made specifically by hand and extracted from the mines in the west, centre and east of Java. Every colored pebble on the tiles are found on the beaches and rivers in the corners of the archipelago.

The home of the Mosaic Miro is located and registered in Europe. Not only does it focus on the European market but it also sells to countries outside of Europe as well. Warehouses for Mosaic Miro can be found it Spain and Italy. Just about any product you are looking for is in stock and they can export their products to different dealers, outlets, directly to projects, architects and individuals. Every package is monitored to fit perfection and is packed centrally. If you need any help, Mosaic Miro is sure to have you covered each step of the way.