Mosaic Spa

When you want to add quality mosaic tiles and stone flooring to your home, Mosaic Miro does quality work. Tile improves the inside of your home by giving it a fresh look. Mosaic tile and stone flooring gives the outside of the home an upscale look.

Tile floors give kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms a classic upscale look. Outside you can create patio floors, garden paths, and walkways that dazzle your guests. The products are made from marble, lava, sand, limestone, and onyx. The mosaics come in several designs like oval, round, rectangle, oval, stranded, stripes, and terrazzo.

They use local raw materials that is eco friendly and sustainable. We are constantly looking for ways to improve how the material is made. Most of these products can be applied to many different surfaces like concrete, plaster, ceramics, wood, and plastic. The surface has to be clean and the glue that supports the product must be used.

We sell a wide range of quality products for both indoor and outdoor use. Why not upgrade your bathroom floor and tile with a new look. These quality tiles and stones are easy to clean and last many years. You should use a non acidic cleaning solution that works well with natural stone when cleaning these products.

Because many of the product are porous you may want to waterproof the stones or mosaics. Waterproofing can be done with a natural or chemical agent. A natural remedy means more cleaning and upkeep than using chemicals. The mosaics and stone can be used in homes, offices, and companies to enhance the floors or wall inside. Outside they will provide decorative walkways, patios and garden paths to enhance the quality of the outside appearance.

When you want the best quality natural stone mosaics and stone for inside or our out Mosaic Miro meets the requirements. The stone are sorted and selected then glued or pasted to mats to give you a seamless applications. This let’s you create almost any type of design you want for the outside or inside of you home. Colors range from pastels, to beige and creams so it matches almost any decor.