Mosaic Crafts

Mosaics are not just for trivets and backsplashes. They can be used to decorate a wall from floor to ceiling. The company Mosiac Miro has aspired to make your home as distinctively beautiful as each of the elements that will make up your chosen mosaic display. Their products are all crafted manually by workers who are treated with respect and supplied with the proper equipment for their work environment.

Mosaic Miro is a company that works hard to be environmentally friendly, resourceful, and responsible. Their products are manufactured from high quality materials such as marble, lava, sand, limestone, onyx and basalt. The raw materials for the mosaic tiles are sourced where they are extracted from. The company provides jobs for the local people from where they find their raw materials. It is rare to find a company who resources natural products; and takes responsibility in treating the environment from which they extract their materials, the workers, and it’s customers with such respect and high regard. This company not only has a unique line of products, but these mosaic tiles are economically friendly, versatile, and sustainable.

They investigate the effects of the raw products that they use on the water, wastes and environment. They also look to recycle and and reuse the residual materials that is not get used for the end product. Business ethics and social responsibility are a high priority for this company. Their primary sales market is in Europe but they will ship to other countries for designers, companies, or individuals.

They have a wide variety of products to choose from. Their colored pebbles are collected from beaches and rivers in the corners of the archipelago. Their stones can be arranged in an array of design patterns and pictorials that can become the center of attention on any wall or floor. The mosiac tiles can be crafted in a way that makes them look seamlessly like one continuous pattern. The design scheme of a room is no hinderance to these mosaic products, these tiles can be worked in to accommodate any color palette.

The versatility of these products also extend to outdoors. They can be used to make pathways, leading to the front door, through a garden, or as a patio floor. The tiles have to be applied with a heavy duty glue, grouted and then sealed to help protect it’s natural qualities from the everyday wear and tear of use and cleaning.