making mosaics

Making something you love can be very inspiring. Especially when making a mosaics picture from your choices of color design. Making mosaics is really a four-step procedure that you use when you’re designing, then tiling what you design, next gluing down your choice of a small square stone, tile, or glass used to make a mosaics piece, and finally grouting your work by sealing what you created.

When making mosaics you need to find out what inspires you. Many resources are out there that you would find in a library, arts and crafts shop, or mainly the internet that would give you systematic instructions when trying to make mosaics. Something that is inspiring that you would like and you can do. It might be nice to begin with something smaller and easy to finish piece without being frustrated. You want to start with a picture that has a simple and better detail that you can handle. Then you can decide if it is going to be interior or exterior piece. That will determine the substrates and the adhesives you need to get started on your mosaics.

If you chose the interior piece, plywood is okay to use as long as it is not in a very humid area. Make sure both surface sealed otherwise you will have a problem with your grouting. Adhesives to choose is using the traditional cement-based adhesive known as thin set, or strong PVA like Weldbond. You can even use silicone, which is more common for glass projects and liquid nails. Exterior piece since it is outside in the harsh environments. You will need to use marine ply and MDF that is a special sealant made for outdoors.

The next step is choosing your tile and laying it down. You have choices of smashing, hammering, or cutting out the tile, but just remember safety is first to cover up those eyes. If you are serious about mosaics, have some basic invaluable tools. Start laying the tile down in foreground and doing the background last once finish gluing all your piece let it dry for at least 24 hours. Once completely dry you will proceed by using your grout piece, for grouting will bring the whole piece together. After you allow the grout to sit for three days, seal your mosaics piece with a grout sealer and you have a beautiful mosaics piece of your own.