Ceramic mosaic tiles

Enhancing your home with ceramic mosaic tiles developed by Mosaic Miro is an investment that can enhance a living space with enough weatherproof durability that delivers a contemporary ambiance to fit a variety of lifestyles. The beauty of ceramic tiles stems from the mixture of clays or other elements used to produce the finished product that can be left natural or glazed with shades ranging from cream to dark grey and even black.

As a popular flooring choice for entryways, kitchens, living rooms, hallways, dens or bedrooms and bathrooms, ceramic mosaic tiles manufactured by Mosaic Miro are designed with a special interlock system so that they can be conveniently installed. The edges of the tiles are serrated, so they can be laid in such a way to form a seamless random pattern which eliminates any visible tile lines.

The Mosaic Miro’s range of mosaic tile products are so distinctive that it gives you the opportunity to use more creativity with a chosen space whether its indoors or outdoors to make it more aesthetic, dramatic or colorful depending on your personal style. The meticulous care taken in mineral and stone selection is worth the investment of ceramic mosaic tiles in itself since the original products are manufactured from high quality materials like marble, basalt,sand,limestone,onyx and lava. These raw materials are extracted and crafted from the mines in the eastern, western and central areas of Java in Southeast Asia.

In addition, beautiful colored pebbles are gathered from rivers and beaches nestled
in the archipelago. The most attractive stones are selected, placed in groups, processed and possibly fabricated in a special mold that involves social responsibility and environmental sustainability into consideration in an part of the world where we can make a difference by providing jobs for the native people.

Mosaic Miro develops a patented interlocking system where you can choose a specific pattern where the mats can be glued by hand that allows you to create endless creative designs. The application of weatherproof durable ceramic mosaic tiles is left to the imagination and you can be installed to fit a variety of residential and business layouts