Mosaic Design Ideas

mosaic ideas

The beautiful thing about mosaics is the ability they have to create a picture with a variety of substances. Mosaics can be made from rock, glass, ceramic, tile, brick and various other substances. A mosaic’s design is only limited by the imagination being used to create it.

Mosaics can be pictures, swirls, waves, or geometrical patterns. They can incorporate various colors, shapes and textures to form intricate patterns of design. It is really up to the designer as to what type of mosaic is used. The amount of space and location should be taken into account. Mosaics can liven up any room or even accessory. They can be used on kitchen backsplashes, on bathroom floors or showers, and even on walls as artwork. Mosaics can be used to decorate tabletops, lamps, vases, wine bottles, bowls, plates, and other sundry of items. Another popular use is to create mosaics on kitchen or bathroom countertops and they are also being created on cupboard doors.

Spirals and swirls can be used to instill calmness in an area and can provide focal points in rooms. Swirls and spirals are often depicted as the sky, the ocean or floral images. They create serendipitous scenes bringing serenity to the environment in which they are placed. Geometric patterns are easy to achieve and create uniformity. They can be small and subtle to enhance a specific area, or can be larger to draw attention and create a dramatic view. Various textures can bring even more visual appeal to geometric configurations. Images can also be created using color and shapes. Fish, birds, flowers and trees are just a few of the popular images that can be utilized. These pictures can be created using templates. The templates can either come from photographs or images out of magazines and off of the internet.
Mosaic design is not reserved for indoor use. They are also very beautiful accents to use outdoors. They can be used on outdoor patio floors, outdoor walkways, stepping stones, and swimming pool areas. They can also be used to create decorative rocks for gardens. Whether the mosaic embodies an earthy feel or something vibrant and colorful it can be the perfect accent for any area.

Mosaic ideas

mosaic design

Mosaic stone can be a beautiful and functional enhancement to any home, business, or outdoor gathering area. There are many colors, styles, and textures to choose from, and can be arranged in a multitude of patterns and designs to create any unique look.
Stone can create a look of elegance and splendor. Texture and design on a floor or wall adds an element of drama and luxury. There are a variety of colors and shapes available in natural, mosaic stone. It can create designs and looks that are limited only by the imagination.

Mosaic stone comes prearranged in sheets that have an interlocking system. This creates walls and floors without seems. These sheets come in designs that can be used to cover an entire area in a pattern, or used as focal points when arranged among similar types of stone without patterns.

There are non-patterned, mosaic stone sheets that provide a seamless, natural look to any surface. Many of these stone pieces come in different shapes. Use rectangle-shaped, stone sheets to give the floor or outdoor walkway the look and feel of cobblestone streets. Beach stone around the edge of a pool produces a natural seaside sensation. The multicolored, circular stone can add a fun, modern twist to a beautiful stone wall. Combine more than one color of the same stone, or combine multiple styles to create a choice and interesting wall that will be the focal point in a large room.

Natural stone is not only beautiful, but is beneficial to the area that produces it. The jobs that mining creates are beneficial to the people that live in the area. The effects of mining to the water and environment are carefully monitored to ensure that the people of the areas are only affected in a positive way. The stone sheets are assembled using quality controls that guarantee a consistently premium product.

Mosaic Miro produces beautiful stone mosaics for walls and floors. The stone is mined with the best interest of the people in the area. This combines the best of community and function. These stone mosaic sheets can be made into the most exquisite floor and wall art, providing a background for the most sophisticated decor.

Travertine Tile

travertine tile mosaic

Stone Mosaics: Style, Ellegance and Affordabilty

We all want our homes to be as lavish and comfortable as possible without constraining our purse strings too far. When it comes to the best value of style and functionality versus cost, tile and pebble mosaics make a great addition for any number of rooms within your home. Tile and pebble mosaics can be form fitted to match any number of color schemes, styles and personal preferences allowing you to get creative with the endless possibilities.

Mosaic Miro specializes in the designing, fabrication and sale of beautiful stone and pebble mosaics and has created a system that makes the process of installing a stone mosaic easy enough for anyone to handle. By prefabricating sections, we allow for a large selection of pieces in different colors and patterns which allows you to pick and choose and fit together like seamless puzzle pieces that makes the perfect mosaic to fit your personality and creative style.

The stone and pebble mosaics produced are of the utmost quality and are structured out of the best possible materials including marble, onyx and other illustrious stones. Our pebbles are handpicked from various streams and rivers and radiate an authentic natural look.

The strength and versatility of stone and pebble mosaics means that you can adorn both the interior and exterior of your home with a personalized style unmatched to any other addition you can supplement your house with. Our mosaics will adhere to any surface including cement, drywall, plaster and wood meaning you don’t have to be limited in which areas of your home you choose to garnish. They even make for great walkways and driveways.

Our elegant mosaics also make a great addition to any business including stores, hotels, office buildings and medical facilities. Dazzle your customers and visitors with a beautifully ornamented wall, counter, floor or whatever you choose.

Here at Mosaic Miro we are dedicated to providing the highest quality product and world class customer service. Our dedication to our customers is matched only by our devotion to providing sustainable solutions in manufacturing as well as creating a landscape of responsible business practices and adhering strongly to ethical behavior. Our perseverance means you can rest assured that all of our products are conflict free and at no point were harvested with the use of child labor.

Check out the rest of the site to view our range of products as well as learn about how were helping to maintain ethical and sustainable business practices within the industry.

Slate flooring

Slate flooring is possibly the most beautiful type of flooring anyone could use in their home. This type of flooring should not be installed by an amateur though due to the fact that there is a certain way it needs to be installed. Slate flooring is extremely affordable and is a natural material because it is real rock that has been taken from the earth. Slate is made of mica, chlorite, quartz, calcite, and many other different types of natural material. Slate is usually formed and found in riverbeds that has been forming for millions of years. This beautiful natural material comes in many different colors and vary in density and size.

Slate flooring is perfect for indoors or outdoors and is very durable as long as it is installed correctly. The reason why correct installation is so important is because when slate forms its formation is layered and may split or crack easily. The splitting or cracking would not happen overnight or maybe not even for decades, but it may happen. The slate flooring should also be installed over top of sub flooring. If installing outside then the sub flooring could be sand. If the flooring is installed indoors then it should be installed over top of plywood.

There are tons and tons of different types of slate that could be used for flooring. The different types of slate are determined by its color, shape, texture, size, and thickness. Slate comes in a huge variety of colors such as brown, green, red, white, gray, purple, black, gold, and even pink. One of the best qualities of this type of flooring is that it can even be found in multiple colors and give a mottled look to the stone. Slate flooring is usually always either square of rectangular and can be bought as stained or glazed.

Caring for slate flooring is easily tackled by simply using a soapy water and a mop. It is not recommended to use any cleaners that have alkaline in it because it may give the slate a dull or altered look. There are also special types of cleaning solutions that may be purchased specifically for slate. Waxing slate flooring once a year helps to maintain its beauty also. When you have your slate flooring installed you should receive a maintenance guide that will give you easy to use instructions to care for the flooring properly.

Slate tiles

Slate tiles are becoming increasingly more popular chosen by home owners who are looking for that unique, natural, rustic look. Slate is made from a metamorphic rock that is found in abundance around the world. The tiles come in various natural colors.
Gray, red, blue, orange or brown are some of the most requested colors. With slate tiles because they are natural, you must be prepared for some color variance among the tiles you purchase. The advantage of the color variations is that there will be no two slate tiles floor that will be the same. With its rough surface it creates a natural non-slip surface. Even when wet or greasy, a non-slip surface will prevail and help prevent accidental slipping and falling.

Slate tiles, also known as a natural stones, can be a little difficult to install. They can be purchased in a standard square cut or they can be purchased in a nonstandard cut. Uneven cuts and gauging, gives it that natural look a homeowner may want, but can require to need a professional installer to help in the layout and laying the tile. Unlike regular tiles with each one cut exactly like, slate tiles are not always like each other. One may be thicker than the next one. One could be longer than wide, while the next one wider than long. It does take some planning and organization to make sure it goes in correctly.

Slate tiles can be used indoors and outdoors. They are perfect when building an outdoor kitchen or fire pit. The tiles are easily cleaned and able to maintain. Usually they have to be swept daily and mopped every couple of weeks. It is very stain resistant and cleaning usually just entails a rag to wipe the liquid up. Most stain can be cleaned with a bucket of water with a mild soap. It is fire resistant, environmentally friendly and very durable, lasting a long time under normal wear and tear. Slate is very thermal resistance. Slate tiles can be used to keep rooms warm in the winter and cool during the summer.