Slate tiles

Slate tiles are becoming increasingly more popular chosen by home owners who are looking for that unique, natural, rustic look. Slate is made from a metamorphic rock that is found in abundance around the world. The tiles come in various natural colors.
Gray, red, blue, orange or brown are some of the most requested colors. With slate tiles because they are natural, you must be prepared for some color variance among the tiles you purchase. The advantage of the color variations is that there will be no two slate tiles floor that will be the same. With its rough surface it creates a natural non-slip surface. Even when wet or greasy, a non-slip surface will prevail and help prevent accidental slipping and falling.

Slate tiles, also known as a natural stones, can be a little difficult to install. They can be purchased in a standard square cut or they can be purchased in a nonstandard cut. Uneven cuts and gauging, gives it that natural look a homeowner may want, but can require to need a professional installer to help in the layout and laying the tile. Unlike regular tiles with each one cut exactly like, slate tiles are not always like each other. One may be thicker than the next one. One could be longer than wide, while the next one wider than long. It does take some planning and organization to make sure it goes in correctly.

Slate tiles can be used indoors and outdoors. They are perfect when building an outdoor kitchen or fire pit. The tiles are easily cleaned and able to maintain. Usually they have to be swept daily and mopped every couple of weeks. It is very stain resistant and cleaning usually just entails a rag to wipe the liquid up. Most stain can be cleaned with a bucket of water with a mild soap. It is fire resistant, environmentally friendly and very durable, lasting a long time under normal wear and tear. Slate is very thermal resistance. Slate tiles can be used to keep rooms warm in the winter and cool during the summer.