Slate flooring

Slate flooring is possibly the most beautiful type of flooring anyone could use in their home. This type of flooring should not be installed by an amateur though due to the fact that there is a certain way it needs to be installed. Slate flooring is extremely affordable and is a natural material because it is real rock that has been taken from the earth. Slate is made of mica, chlorite, quartz, calcite, and many other different types of natural material. Slate is usually formed and found in riverbeds that has been forming for millions of years. This beautiful natural material comes in many different colors and vary in density and size.

Slate flooring is perfect for indoors or outdoors and is very durable as long as it is installed correctly. The reason why correct installation is so important is because when slate forms its formation is layered and may split or crack easily. The splitting or cracking would not happen overnight or maybe not even for decades, but it may happen. The slate flooring should also be installed over top of sub flooring. If installing outside then the sub flooring could be sand. If the flooring is installed indoors then it should be installed over top of plywood.

There are tons and tons of different types of slate that could be used for flooring. The different types of slate are determined by its color, shape, texture, size, and thickness. Slate comes in a huge variety of colors such as brown, green, red, white, gray, purple, black, gold, and even pink. One of the best qualities of this type of flooring is that it can even be found in multiple colors and give a mottled look to the stone. Slate flooring is usually always either square of rectangular and can be bought as stained or glazed.

Caring for slate flooring is easily tackled by simply using a soapy water and a mop. It is not recommended to use any cleaners that have alkaline in it because it may give the slate a dull or altered look. There are also special types of cleaning solutions that may be purchased specifically for slate. Waxing slate flooring once a year helps to maintain its beauty also. When you have your slate flooring installed you should receive a maintenance guide that will give you easy to use instructions to care for the flooring properly.