Pebble Mosaic Tiles

Pebble mosaic tiles can make any room look elegant. The tiles can be found in a variety of colors that will match any of the colors in your home.

Pebble mosaic tiles are more than tiles they are a work of art. Mosaics are simply small pieces of material such as glass or stone that are placed together to make larger pieces. The way that the smaller pieces are placed together is what makes the tiles a work of art. Mosaics made of small pieces of stone are known as pebble mosaics.
Pebble mosaic tiles are made by breaking up stone and placing them in a tumbler. Once in the tumbler the pebbles are tumbled until smooth. After this, each pebble is placed onto a mesh background which makes it easy for installation in your home. It is the way that the pebbles are interlocked that gives the pebbles mosaic tiles that each piece of stone was set by hand.

Mosaics go way back in time to the 3rd millennium BC. They were made of stones and shells as well as pieces of ivory of various colors. Yet mosaic patterns were not used until the time of the Sassanid Empire. There were two main techniques opus vermiculatum and opus tessellatum. Opus vermiculatum was created in workshops as small panels that were then taken to the site and glued to a temporary support. Opus tessellatum were larger panels and were created on the work site. Architects used the tiles to cover surfaces or walls and ceilings. It was not until Christian era that mosaics became a major form of art.

Today pebble mosaic tiles cover walls, ceilings, and floors to make the room a work of art. Depending upon which color and style of mosaic tile chosen any room can be turned into a stylish, artistic room that will suit anyone’s needs. The tiles can be used on walls as a decorative background that is not only beautiful but will last. Not only does the pebble mosaic tiles last but also are easy to take care clean and take care of.

The pebble mosaic tiles are easy to install being made with a special interlocking system that can turn your room into a work of beauty without any visible pattern. Once you have placed the pebble mosaic tiles in one room, you will find rooms to place more of the tiles.