Ceramic wall tiles

There is timelessness to the classic look of ceramic wall tiles. Any room can be captivating and alluring with an elegant feel. The best thing about ceramic wall tiles is the ability to install special patterns and mosaics creating an endless variety of colors and shapes for a dramatic effect. No matter now it’s placed, the end result can be charming and help to make a statement clearly defined by the visionary’s ideal design. In using ceramic wall tiles, it is possible to capture the essence of movement adding a bold and stunning look reminiscent of ancient Greece.

Ceramic wall tiles are used in an unlimited number of ways, and now you don’t have to be wealthy to own them. In commercial buildings, where durability and beauty are concerned, ceramic wall tiles will be found, in mostly lobbies and restrooms. There are very few modern houses that don’t include tiled bathrooms and modern restaurants and fast food venues also include ceramic tile designs. Industry which must resist chemicals and spills on walls and floors, choose ceramic tiles to maintain their optimum clean environments more safely, and tiles are also used on the Space Shuttle to maintain heat resistance.

Here at Mosiac Miro, we grant each client the ability to create any design using ceramic wall tiles. Our process and materials generate a unique aesthetic result allowing for an exceptional visualization to emerge, creating the perfect environment for your comfort and creativity. When you choose to add decorative ceramic wall tiles to your living space, you make a perfect declaration in art and design.

Facts about Ceramic Wall Tiles

Ceramic tiles which are most commonly used for walls are usually very thin and highly glossed and decorative even though any ceramic tile is suitable for walls. 4.5” x 4.5” is the most popular size however; there are the beginnings of a trend towards larger sizes recently, also a more luxurious tile set. The glaze is very soft normally and should not be used on floors or for outdoor use. To capture the natural beauty of our ceramic wall tiles, there is a wide shade variation; this is intrinsic in all ceramic tiles. Also, ceramic wall tiles are unaffected by long exposure to light, the color will not fade or change in any way.